About Me

Hi, world! My name is Hadley, I am 20 years old. I graduated high school in 2015, and I am currently taking college classes online. In high school I was a cheerleader, involved in everything around the school, loved working out and being around my family. Four years ago, I had my first Hemiplegic Migraine attack. For 2 1/2 years, these “episodes” were controlling my life and I had no idea why or where they came from. Doctor after doctor agreed it was psychological, but every psychologist I visited told me to keep looking at the medical side of things. My parents and I were so lost.

Thankfully, in October 2014, my luck changed. I visited The Diamond Headache Clinic, in Chicago. I went into the appointment with this feeling that I was in the right place, literally one of those weird gut feelings. After 30 minutes of talking with the physician’s assistant, Bonnie, Dr. Diamond came in and told me my diagnosis. I was diagnosed with chronic status migraine, Hemiplegic Migraine, and non-epileptic seizures related to my HM. I immediately checked into their floor at a nearby hospital. I spent 15 days in Diamond’s inpatient unit my first trip. Since, I have taken four more trips, which requires a six hour commute. Each hospital stay was an extended one, earning me a total of 54 days inpatient over one year. I worked with many different therapies; Biofeedback, Physical Therapy, Psychologists, IV therapy, and all new medications.

Currently, I am so very blessed to have a gotten a new doctor seven months ago that is local. We’ve prayed for years for a good doctor to help us, our prayers have now been answered. This doctor has not stopped trying to continue to look for things and help balance my body out. Because of this he was able to add the diagnosis of dystonia of the jaw to my list. He believes this is still a symptom of. I’ve made more progress with him in seven months, than in the past four years combined.

Support groups and other HM blogs have given me a lot of the support that I need, so I hope to be able to do the same through my own trials and tribulations.



5 thoughts on “About Me

    1. I’m so glad you have found my blog, I’m really enjoying writing it! Funny enough, I have just been checked back into the Diamond floor of their hospital about 3 hours ago. I have nothing but amazing things to say about them!!!


  1. Hey, Hadley! We love your talent to describe the Hemiplegic Migraine world. Your ability and encouragement to enlighten others is something essential to our fellow sufferers, care takers and foundation. We thrilled to begin working with you! Keep up the purple and green fight💜💚

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  2. Oh my I’m learning so much I have been suffering these for 23 years getting a little better but not much. Seen a neurologist and all. Hmm thinking all these new treatments may be the way. Thank you for your blog what’s the difference between a migraine and a hemiplegic migraine or is it the same thing ? Melissa Australia

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