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Writer’s Block is Real

Another month, no blog?! I’m bummed too. I have 17 drafts started and saved, but none have made the cut. I’m stuck in a rut of what to share, what do people want to know, and should I “teach” or keep it more personal? I’ve spent so much time scrolling through other blogs, creating a partial piece from a promt or trying to doodle up ideas for hours. Yet here I am, post less and missing writing! So, I’m throwing a bone to all of you. What do you want to see or learn or read?!?!😁 


4 thoughts on “Writer’s Block is Real

  1. I have been having this exact same issue. I know I love blogging so much, but I don’t even know how to digest what I’m thinking, so how can I possibly write about it? I’ve found answering other prompts frustrates me, but that’s what helps me find my own inspiration to write. Either way, I love hearing about people’s lives and how they’re getting through the day-to-day.

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    1. I agree, prompts just scratch the surface on what I want to say. But then again, do people really care to read me whining over crappy Doctor situations? It’s a mental battle between me and me at this point😂 Glad to know I’m not the only one. Thanks for your response!

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  2. My blog too has been dead. I’m half full, of half answers or half suggestions that lead to no where. Are people tired of listening to the same old stuff? Can I actively feel like I am “helping” others if I don’t post.. even if it leads to the same ol’ dribble. Oh, the quandary. So. I HEAR YOU!! Maybe it’s the Holiday Ho Hums.. I look forward to both of us getting inspired soon. But even if you write about your favorite nurse, you best advice for packing for a hospital stay, or suggestions for getting your doctor to listen to your feedback.. there is always someone listening that can use the advice. At least that is what I tell myself.. otherwise, I write TO myself.. Who can’t use an ego boost 🙂 Happy blogging!

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