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Blessed List🙏🏼

After promising not to go on another hiatus, three more weeks have passed. Eekk!

As Thanksgiving has just passed and the Christmas season rolls around, everyone gets in the jolly ole spirit that surrounds the holiday season. With that, however, always comes the reminder to celebrate the true meaning behind each special time. I’ve been thinking extra lots lately about the many things I have to be thankful for rather than to be complaining about.

A few weeks ago I ordered a shirt for Thanksgiving that had the word “blessed” written across it. I picked it simply for the obvious THANKSgiving holiday, not much more thought put into it. Someone made a comment to me, “Of all people wearing a blessed shirt this year, I’m not sure you should be the one!” 🙄 I, of course, responded with the typical “Of course I have many blessings this year and always.” But since, I’ve caught myself noticing several small things and thinking to myself, I can add that to my blessed list!

If you know me, you know that I live for traditions. My OCD takes over when a tradition has to be changed, for one I don’t like change, but mostly I cherish the anticipation and memories from year to year. Thanksgiving break meant that my friends were all home from school. Zach and Kelsey spent their Thanksgiving out of town with family, not getting home until Friday night. Zach had to leave for the airport Saturday afternoon, Kelsey Sunday. But! Kels and Zach still made time for our typical end to Thanksgiving; grabbing a Christmas tree(little full, lotsa sap) and decorating it with Paula’s hot chocolate in hand. It’s my favorite tradition and I love that I get to kick off Christmas with them every year! This year being the first year that they were both away at school, I found myself extra thankful they had both made the time to be home and do that.


Our first family Christmas each year is with my grandma’s side of the family. Each December, the Saturday before Christmas, everybody hangs out at my Great Grandparents’ house and spends the day catching up, telling stories and making those awkwardly funny family jokes. Following that, we spend Christmas Eve with my mom’s side of the family, Christmas morning with just our family, Christmas day with my dad’s side of the family and Christmas night with the Bequettes. Sounds crazy right? I’m pretty sure my parents are ready for the simple years when they don’t have to leave the house so much, but I absolutely love that we get to see everyone in my entire family, both sides, within just a couple of days. But my two favorite parts of those insane days are, going to breakfast every year on Christmas Eve with my Dad and Grandpa, and going to The Magic Tree Christmas nights with the Bequettes. You never know how much time left you have with people in your family, like your great grandparents, and not everyone is so lucky to have family friends that count as family. I feel incredibly blessed to get to have so many wonderful moments with everyone of the people I love most during the holiday season, and that is why traditions is one of the top things on my blessed list.❤️

Another thing I love? Small sentimentals. I have a bulletin board hanging on the wall next to my bed that can only be described as chaos. Lol. But it is filled with pictures of my favorite people, little notes I’ve been written, crafts from my sweet little people and lots of feel good quotes. Sometimes I just look through everything on it, I love that each thing I’ve kept up there brings a specific memory with that person. Cheesy, very cheesy. For my birthday one year my mom got a whole bunch of my friends to put random hilarious memories or quotes from over the years in a jar for me, and I randomly pull one of those out for a good laugh sometimes. But right now, my favorite keepsakes are few little notes I’ve gotten. The people writing them would never have guessed how much the notes would end up meaning to me, I guarantee it! I’ll read them anytime I need a pick-me-up or simply a reminder that my world isn’t ending. Lol. Making the sweet people in my life and mini treasures the other major things on my blessed list right now. Thanks Carrie, Sally, Aimee, and Dakota!

Don’t get me wrong, I could go on for dayyyssss telling you random things I’m thankful for, big and small. Like iPhones and, oh ya, family. 😉 But for now, these fit the season! So, of course, while you’re setting up the Christmas decorations or whichever decorations you may or may not put up, and while stressing over finding the perfect gift, remember the real reason for the season. Make yourself a blessed list while your write your Christmas wish list. Let the holiday season commence!🎄🙏🏼

“Silent Night” Christmas Card- Throwback!

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