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Broken Crayons Still Color 

My first trip to my Chicago hospital in October was a rough transition for me at first. They promised they didn’t cheap out on the detergent, but I told them they made up for that in the toilet paper department! Lol. Luckily, one of the most special parts about my Diamond family is just that, they make you feel like a family you fit into perfectly. 

I started attending all the classes I could make it to when I wasn’t in a med coma. My blood pressure dropped too low in Chair Yoga class and I passed out…didn’t go back to that one. I had a seizure in BioFeedback which resulted in the rapid response team wanting to shock me with the paddles… I avoid that now. I went to “Anger with Migraines” class. As everyone went around the circle introducing their struggles, I realized I was in a class for bipolar/depression/anger management patients. Oops. What was I supposed to say at my turn? Hey, I’m Hadley and I’m actually not angry? *foot in mouth* 🙆🏼

Kate, the occupational therapist, leads all of the other activities that keep us busy in The Point Room. She plans movie night, lunch dates, some of us even get to walk down the block to Platos Closet with her for “retail therapy”. Too bad my neon yellow wristband that says FALL RISK keeps me from shopping. I know some patients love being able to get out and do something normal. But my favorite groups that Kate leads are the Art Therapy sessions! 

Art hasn’t ever been something that interests me. I feel like creativity and patience are two things I lack and OCD is something I have…making a bad concoction for being good at art. Kate started bugging me about getting into it as she would drop markers and coloring pages off in my room. I enjoyed using all of my free time to color. 

 I decided to start going to the Art Therapy classes and I loved it. I’ve painted bird houses, drawn, done holiday crafts, made jewelry…Kate always has something new for us to try! When I was there in June, Nurse Vicki and I spent forever beading bracelets and ear rings for the other nurses or peds patients. It was so fun! (Even in the hospital)

The last session I was at a fellow patient said “broken crayons still color”, then described how we could all relate to that quote. All of us in the group were “broken”, yet we were all finding a way to keep going. I loved that. I’ve kept up with my art therapy at home and I am absolutely LOVING it. My grandma and I have kind of taken it on as “our thing”. It’s been fun to pick different styles and materials to try out together. I’ve decided I like painting canvases the most, so I’ve started doing that even on my own. I’ve gotten pretty comfortable using oil and acrylic paints. Something about getting into a new painting is just really calming for me. When my vision is bad or my eyes hurt painting is something that I can actually focus on that also distracts me. 
I’m not claiming to be the most talented at all…I mess up all the time! But that’s the beauty of it for me, I can just change the story of the painting. Everyone has their own natural, therapeutic therapies that work for them and I’m excited that painting has been able to be such a positive, enjoyable hobby for me! “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” ~ Pablo Picasso



5 thoughts on “Broken Crayons Still Color 

  1. That is fabulous that you found something that inspires you! I like the bracelets for other patients. Maybe you need broken crayon beads.. spread your message. Not to mention those broken crayons have tons of other uses.. Just see pinterest 🙂 There are lots that “broken Crayons” can do.. Spread your message. Great job!

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  2. Beautiful post! Love your positivity! It shines through in all your posts. At least the ones I’ve read. You brought a smile to my face when I need one – you’re being in the wrong room lol too funny. Thanks for sharing.

    – Skylar

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