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My World Without Migraine

I came across this contest on the Hemiplegic Migraine foundation’s Facebook page. You’re challenged to create a unique 30 second video using the prompt, “My life without migraines”. I had to do it…I’m stuck in the hospital for a week, what else am I going to do?! I thought it was also the perfect blop post prompt, so I’m sharing it with you guys. This was my entry!
I know what my world would be like without Hemiplegic Migraines and New Daily Presistent Migraines. But does that make me lucky, or extra unlucky? Should I be thankful I got the expirences I did? Or frustrated because it’s so close I can taste it? I crave to have that freedom again. But I am thankful I have those memories to look back on. In my world without a migraine, I wouldn’t be scared, embarrassed or emotionally in shock. However, I wouldn’t be so strong, I wouldn’t be so thankful, and I wouldn’t cherish the smallest things. I would get to cheer again. I would get to rush for a sorority in the fall. I would get to go out with my friends. I would get to have a senior year, get to be 18. If I didn’t have this pesky migraine I wouldn’t be half way to my pharmacy degree(I wish!), I wouldn’t have expirenced the raw world, nor know how to handle all varities of people I have had to work with. But most importantly, in the world without a migraine, I wouldn’t have grown stronger relationships, grown truer in my faith, or become the great self-advocate I am today. I dream of a world without my right side being debilitated, without seizures, without excruciating pain. I pray for a world without Hemiplegic Migraine and all others. Unfortunately, my world has Hemiplegic Migraine and New Daily Presistent Migraine… So you can betcha I’m just gonna have to show it who’s boss!

Life Without A Migraine  <——— final video result!


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