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What is happening to me? 

Where do I even begin? October 26th, 2012. I was a sophomore in high school. I woke up that Friday feeling awful. I felt like I was in a weird haze, like I was two steps behind everyone else. Migraines were not a new thing for me, but that day it was a migraine like never before. I was not myself, but I chalked it up to cheering in the rain and not eating well the night before. Then, I ended up passing out in class. We figured my asthma was acting up and I was on the verge of being sick, nothing a restful weekend couldn’t kick. Boy were we wrong. 

My first ever emergency room trip was that Sunday night. I had passed out a second time and still wasn’t looking any better. We used to tell people that was the worst experience…I didn’t realize so many ER doctors wanted that award. Lol. It was then my dad and I decided that night shift ER doctors must be at the bottom of their class. In walks an old guy with hair longer than mine and a dream catcher around his neck. Here goes nothing. 

What were Dr. Weirdo’s findings? He concluded that I was constipated. When my dad laughed in his face, Dr Man proceeded to show us what he meant. Yep, we played charades. He brought his arms up and squeezed his whole body, then pretending to pass out. When the act was up he told me to take a laxative and be more careful. Too bad I wasn’t anywhere near the bathroom either time. Where’s the eye roll emoji when you need one? Lol.

Little did I know, this was just the beginning. 


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